First Party Service for Financial Institutions or Credit Unions

Tailored Debt Collection Programs to Enhance Customer Satisfaction. At ConServe, we recognize that customer satisfaction is essential to the success of your organization. To that end, we've developed programs to streamline your internal collection efforts pre-default/charge-off. Our call center and customer services are cost-effective, secure, and customizable - catering to your specific needs.

Our first-party services result in a higher number of customer contacts, leading to better collections and enhanced customer satisfaction. Our certified Debt Counselors are highly-skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry.

Our flexible workflow and data management systems make it easy for us to personalize your service arrangement and for you to oversee and refine that service. Let us help you collect debt while you concentrate on growing your business.


Precise identification of the Consumer’s location is an essential aspect of the recovery process. ConServe provides one of the most comprehensive and integrated systems available. Our skilled skip tracers use a two-level approach, employing a variety of manual and automated tools to locate consumers efficiently.

Account Scoring

Power up your business with the right knowledge. At ConServe, we value the power of information and have developed a proprietary account scoring model that guarantees optimal outcomes. Our unique strategy allows us to predict an account’s “contactability” and “collectability” with remarkable accuracy. Our models are based on several layers of critical data, creating a highly effective and successful contact strategy that’s unmatched in the industry.

Administrative Resolution Services

ConServe’s Administrative Resolution Services will screen your accounts for death, bankruptcy, incarceration, entity cessation, and SSN mismatches. Any problematic accounts are separated and resolved according to the Client’s scope of work details. Accounts that pass the initial screening are then scored using either generic or custom scoring methods, based on our expertise in finding the “best fit” for the Client.

Next, we implement a waterfall strategy to gather phone numbers, employment information, and asset discovery data before moving on to the collection floor for follow-up. Additionally, accounts can be enrolled in credit provider monitoring programs which provide instant updates on crucial information (such as residence, place of employment, and phone number) whenever the Consumer applies for credit.

Billing Management/Customer Service

ConServe offers easy and effective billing management tools for your peace of mind. With our expert customer service team, you can be sure that all billing inquiries will be handled quickly and professionally. We also offer proactive tools to prevent defaults and have a communication plan in place to keep Consumers informed every step of the way.

Delinquency Management (Charged-Off Debt Recovery)

We’ve revolutionized delinquency management through multi-faceted contact strategies. Our multi-channel contact strategies include letters, calls, texts, and emails. Our Call Center Specialists are highly skilled at balancing receivables, while maintaining positive Consumer relationships. We also provide an array of payment options to assist our Clients in avoiding default, and to help Consumers achieve financial stability.

Performance Management

At ConServe, we believe in personalized service. That’s why we work with each of our Clients to establish performance objectives and understand their unique needs. We create a comprehensive Client profile to ensure that our roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations are clearly communicated, outlined, and documented. This includes a discussion and documentation of both the “current” and “target” default rates.

To maintain complete transparency, we provide monthly performance dashboard reports to each Client for a formal review of performance and expectations. Our top priority is Client satisfaction, and we strive to deliver excellent results. By embracing these principles, we aim to become our Clients’ top-performing accounts receivable management partner.


  • Optimize revenue flow
  • Streamline internal and operational efforts
  • Reduce overhead and easily scale staffing
  • Ensure confidence that your policies will be fulfilled as intended
  • Reduce delinquency through increased contact
  • Improve customer retention and satisfaction
  • Monitor payment plans and resolve disputes
  • Send timely invoice status reminders to avoid overdue payments

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