By Mason Digital on Friday, February 2, 2018
Category: Credit Unions

Ensuring CFPB Compliance in for Credit Unions 2018

Who is the CFPB and how do they effect compliance regulations for banks, credit unions, lender, and other financial companies? Learn more about CFPB regulations and how you can help ensure your organization stays compliant in 2018.

What should credit unions focus on in 2018?

In December 2017, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) announced their primary areas of supervisory importance for 2018. These are the areas that credit unions should focus on when it comes to achieving compliance in 2018:

How can credit unions ensure compliance in 2018?

At ConServe, we offer collection services to credit unions that emphasize compliance, ethics and integrity. We’ve identified three crucial categories that credit unions should address to be compliant in 2018:

Want to learn how to ensure compliance in these three areas in 2018?

Download our compliance checklist for 2018!