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Letter Service Program

Save money, reduce the cost of collection and gain valuable information that could prevent future delinquencies - that's the power of ConServe's Letter Service Program.

Letter services allow Clients to outsource all or a portion of their efforts to recover recently past due accounts. This program offers multiple packages ranging from a single letter to a multi-letter, multi-call program.

  • Prior to placing accounts into full collection, letter services are designed to give students "one last chance" to make full payment or payment arrangements, and avoid the consequences of full collection, credit reporting, additional financial penalties, etc.
  • During the Letter Service Program the Client has the opportunity to close accounts that have been satisfied by the program.  At the conclusion of the program, the Client will have the option to utilize ConServe for collection services on some or all of the non-paying accounts.

 One Letter ServiceEnhanced Letter Service
Service Overview The One Letter Service is a basic service that provides Clients with one managed notification service. The Enhanced Letter Service Program provides Clients with a multi-layer notification service.
Contact Frequency/Type One Letter - 30-Day Notice Two Letters, Three Phone Calls over a 40-Day Period
Notification Timeframe Program duration is 30 days from the placement date.  There is a five-day grace period prior to account closure. Program duration is 40 days and then accounts will be closed and returned.
Fee Client pays Agency a fee per account placed. Client pays Agency a fee per account placed.
Service Term At the conclusion of the letter service program all accounts will be closed and returned to the Client. Once accounts are closed the Client will receive an email notification and a report in their web folder, within 24 hours, detailing the closed accounts. If the Client chooses to utilize ConServe for collection services the Client will be required to request that those accounts be placed by using ConServe's collection placement template. No accounts will proceed for collections without the express direction of the Client.
Special Notes
  • The Letter Service originates from the Client.
  • Calls and letters direct students to the Client to make payment.
  • Accounts are in a protected disposition to prevent accounts from entering debt counselor work cues.
  • ConServe does not credit report during this program.
  • ConServe does not add collection costs during this program.
  • ConServe's collection placement template must be used for accounts to be placed into full collections.
Available for primary account placements only.  Primary account placements are defined as accounts that have not been in collection with a debt collector, with a service date less than 180 days old, and in which the debtor is not bankrupt.  ConServe letterhead may not be substituted for Client letterhead.




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