ConServe works on behalf of the IRS to help taxpayers resolve their past due accounts.

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What to Expect

If you have an account that has moved to Collection, the IRS will write you to tell you ConServe has your account. Next ConServe will write you about your account. It is important that you save these letters.

The contact letter (CP40) from the IRS will state that overdue taxes have been assigned to ConServe. It provides steps on “What Happens Next” and your “Rights as a Taxpayer”. ConServe’s initial contact letter will then follow the IRS’s letter validating the assignment to ConServe and provide additional information about your account including payment methods to the IRS. Both letters will contain a unique identifier used to authenticate the taxpayer and ConServe.

How will you be contacted? (video)

Taxpayer Rights

ConServe is dedicated to the fair treatment and quality service for all taxpayers. ConServe complies with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and consumer protections. Our Quality Service Associates will ensure that you understand all options available to you.

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How to Avoid Scams

The IRS has selected four private collections agencies, including ConServe, to work on its behalf and assist taxpayer’s with overdue taxes. ConServe will contact taxpayers by mail and by phone. ConServe will not reach out to taxpayers via email, text messages or through social media platforms. If you have been contacted by anyone posing as a debt collector that does not follow a multi-question authentication, it is a scam.

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Tax Scams / Consumer Alerts (video)

How to Pay the IRS

The IRS has several options available to you to make a payment or to schedule recurring payments. All payments are made payable and directly to the IRS – not ConServe. To ensure compliance on your outstanding tax debt, contact ConServe’s Quality Service Associates at (844) 853-4875 to assist you in making payments.

Paying your taxes

How to pay the IRS (video)

Most Commonly Used IRS Forms and Instructions

Most commonly used IRS forms

Change of Address Form 8822

Power of Attorney Form 2848

Tax Informational Authorization Form 8821

Obtain your tax transcripts from the IRS

How to obtain your IRS Transcripts

This is an attempt, by a debt collector, to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Collection services for post charge-off obligations leverage our leading-edge technology infrastructure, our passion for ethics and compliance, and our consistently exceptional performance results. Credit Union-focused, full collection strategies are used to:

  • Secure payments in full
  • Process compromises based on guidelines set by our Clients
  • Establish recurring partial payment arrangements and agreements
  • Legal scoring
  • Outsourcing to attorneys
  • Amnesty campaigns

Call Analytics

ConServe utilizes speech analytics to evaluate interactions between Debt Counselors and consumers - automatically processing thousands of hours of audio recordings in a short period of time. With advanced technologies, this system records and analyzes all consumer interactions and provides valuable insights and feedback. Our team members are able to analyze calls and the end-user utilizes the assessment for continuous improvement. Our speech analytic tool has also allowed our Compliance and Training departments to use voice recognition data for audits and in identifying queue words that might represent possible compliance challenges.

Payment Services

ConServe’s consumer web portal provides credit union members with the ability to access their online account information 24x7 and obtain real-time balance information. The accuracy of the account balance information is testament to ConServe's continued consumer protection compliance and the outstanding service we provide.

Account Balance: One source for easy account accessPayment Profile: Users can view their Payment Schedule and Postdated PaymentsView Payments: All payments are made through the ConServe Client Web Portal®® and are documented for easy reviewContact Us: Questions and InquiriesProfile: Ability for Consumers to update demographic informationConServe Mobile Application: A convenient and efficient communication option while enhancing the consumer experience.

Performance management is a cornerstone of creating win-win scenarios for our Credit Union Clients, and ConServe works directly with each Client to establish performance objectives and review our Client's specific needs.

  • Scope of Work: detailed assessment to ensure a smooth and effortless transition of accounts
  • Client Web Portal: Provides our Clients with 24/7 online access to their consumer’s account information and ConServe’s FACS system database through a secured login.
  • Self Service Reporting Application: Enables Clients to customize reports by filtering data and manipulating columns based upon their individualized reporting preferences.
  • Reports: multi-faceted reporting capabilities through our secure 24/7 ConServe Client Web Portal®®.
  • Dashboard Reports: Monthly real time performance updates.

Client satisfaction is our top priority and our goal is to exceed your service and performance expectations. By embracing these principles and goals, we strive to become our Client's top-performing and most trusted accounts receivable management agency.

When it comes to Administrative recovery services, ConServe Debt Counselors are trained to identify the many potential ways in which a defaulted obligation can be resolved if immediate payment in full is not an option:

  • Short-term payment arrangements
  • Reasonable and affordable payments
  • Financial hardship cases
  • Approved settlements campaigns
  • Compromised balance campaigns
  • Legal account scoring
  • Litigation
  • Seasonal recovery campaigns


ConServe has working relationships with numerous law firms across the country that specialize in collections. While ConServe can't act as an attorney or guarantee any type of legal outcome, we can assist with the reporting and status of claims. We provide a customized approach—designed to maximize quality results.

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